Domain is parked, or actually not

I set up a new domain with dreamhost, and added wordpress to it. All seemed to work fine. But when I want to look at the website, it tell me that the domain is temporarily parked.
I have looked at the domain in the dreamhost panel, and it says it is fully hosted.
What can be the Problem?
It is


Appears to be working at this point… so either you figured it out, or it just needed time for DNS to propagate or something…

I did changed it to parked, and then back to fully hosted, and that seemed to help. Thanks for checking though. Regula

I am not sure what can be wrong with this domain. I did not do any changes, but the domain showes as parked again. On the domain panel I have it as fully hosted. I did not change any settings. What can be done?

I’m not showing anything out of the ordinary. I suggest clearing your cache or something.