Domain is down--irony of ironies

I switched my hosting account to Dreamhost on July 20 because my previous hosting company had too much downtime, crippling my business . My Dreamhost website went live on July 21. It was live for all of 24 hours and has been down ever since. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? I post support ticket after support ticket with no response. Oh the irony.

Yes, my client’s site has been down since Sunday, and they aren’t even posting updates now. Anyone who is experiencing this extended downtime should be asking for some kind of refund.

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My website is down from last 7 days. Still these people are not resolving the and not responding to tickets. These people are ruining my business. I had never expected this type of pathetic service from dreamhost. Now I should go for refund

July 29 12:52pm ET still no web service

9th day with no hosting

Such a worst and pathetic service from dreamhost. Really very very disappointed

10 days with no service and I get is responses from robots. the same blather every day. “we are working on it.” not very well apparently.