Domain is broken...HELP

I am running a vbulletin site. I use and everything was working fine. Now I have changed the URL that forwards to and i get either a 404 error or a no input specified error but the files are there. I cannot even type the URL in.

i’m using and i get nothing. I’ve tried every combination of and nothing seems to be working, not even files that are NOT in the forums directory…what gives?

Is there a way to make the domain forward to a specific page or does it HAVE to go to index?

i need it to go to cmps_index.php instead of index.php and when I change it I get a 404, but the file is clearly there and named properly

A forwarded domain should be able to go to any URL, including a page within a site. Be sure you type the URL exactly correctly. It might help to copy-and-paste it from the browser address bar when you’re on the destination page, to make sure you don’t get anything wrong.

– Dan