Domain is already registered?

I’m trying to sign up to host my first web site, but every time I fill in the form at , and get to the “Register a new .com/net/org/info domain for me free!” it brings back a message saying " is already registered".
I’ve tried it with 4 different names, checked which says it’s available, The Check domain feature on says it’s available, also says it’s available.
Help please! I’ve heard so many good reports about this company, it would be a shame to not be able to get past the first step if I’m doing something wrong!


That does seem strange, given that the other DreamHost services are showing the domain as available. I assume you are checking exactly the same domain as the one you are trying to register during the sign-up process.

About the only thing that comes to mind, is to maybe try a different browser. It is not uncommon for browser incompatibilities to produce strange issues such as this.


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