Domain is already hosted with DH, and I need to set up the site


I’m working on a site for a company that, I just found out, already has their domain hosted on Dreamhost. I know how to mirror a domain and set that up for a site that is not yet hosted on DH, but what I want to do now is set up the site, build it all out, then contact the company’s current web developer and have him delete the domain off his account and transfer it to me when the site is ready.

What is the best way I can build the site and have the domain point to it once it’s transferred to me?


over in this thread: there is a wiki link that will be very important to you. There is also another wiki page with exactly what is required to transfer the domain in but i don’t seem to have that link handy, search the dreamhost wiki for it.


Thanks for the reply, though I’ve seen that thread and wiki before and it doesn’t quite resolve my issue because the DNS for the domain is already pointed to Dreamhost under a different Dreamhost account. If I try to set up the domain in my account it won’t let me because it’s already hosted by another DH user. So I can’t mirror it. I want a way to set up the site and preview it prior to the other DH user deleting it off their account. Once I transfer it to my account, I want to then activate the site I already set up to that domain.


You will most likely need to use a domain name as explained on the wiki to set the site up and preview it. Then when the time comes to make the switch you will set the new domain up on your account under the same shell/ftp user… once the dreamhost robot dumps the new entry into your home directory you can remove the directory the robot just put there and rename directory to the same as the directory you just removed. Then there maybe a couple of other edits you need to make. Sometimes either in the config file or perhaps admin area of whatever web application you used to build the site.