Domain IP address?

I’m working on a site for someone at the moment. They currently have a domain with GoDaddy, and they have used Vistaprint to make their site. I’m developing their new site with wordpress and hosting it on DreamHost. I want to work on the site on the server rather than developing on my computer and then uploading. The client wants as little down time as possible, so I cannot get rid of the domain’s association to the vistaprint site until I’m ready to move it over to Dreamhost. I installed wordpress through Dreamhost, but I have no way of accessing it, because the domain is controlled by vistaprint. Is there a way to get the IP address of my Dreamhost account so I can develop directly on the server?

This is an easier approach:


Will dreamhost install wordpress on a mirror and give me FTP access? I cannot even seem to get ftp access to my dreamhost hosting account. It keeps throwing up errors. I’m guessing that’s because dreamhost doesn’t control the domain.

Yes. will create an FTP account for you at