Domain hosting


I have a quick question which i cant find an answer to in the wiki.

I have been commissioned to do a site for someone, they have the domain but i need to host it as i need a php environment, my question is this… do I just “fully host” it through the manage domain in the webpanel and then point the dns registers to the dreamhost nameservers?

if so… how exacty do i do this?

Thanks in advance



As for changing the nameservers that has to be done with the registrar. The DreamHost name servers are:

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So i if understand i create a domain and then contact the people with control of the dns and tell them

and it is done?

also how do i access the site before the dns changes over so i can install wordpress etc?

Correct. Once you create a Fully Hosted domain here, DreamHost will add the appropriate entries to the (etc.) name servers.

As soon as you tell your domain registrar to update your registration to use the DreamHost name servers, people will start being directed to your site. It takes a few days for this information to propagate, but that’s how it will proceed.


and can i access the site using another url or somehow before to install software etc?


To clarify the above a bit, you create a Fully Hosted setup for your real domain here. Then, you create a mirror of it and call it, which you can then use to test your site.