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I want sign up Crazy Domain Insane but i have some doubts:

  1. Can i have two domains in the same plan, but working independent them (than are not mirror, with content different)?. I know that 2nd domain i have that buy it hehe.

  2. can i install any program?

Thanks and sorry my poor english

Yes this is possible and very easy to setup.

Yes and no, you can install any script you like as long as it isn’t a persistant process.

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can i see like setup it in any site?

Thank you for your rapidity!!

Here :

You will have something like


on your ftp.

You can even have different users (login and password) for each website.

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  1. yes. you can have two domains in the same plan. you can have two different folders for the two domains. you can also have two different ftp users to control the two domains.

  2. DH provides one-click install program. more info refers to

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[quote]2. can i install any program?


Many programs, yes, but some are easier than others, and some are nearly impossible. :slight_smile:

They need more support help.
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Remember that DH uses shared hosts. This means that you will be sharing the machine with others. Be gentle and you’ll be ok.