Domain Hosting


I have seen ‘unlimited domains’ and wonder how this works here?

My current host uses a ‘sub domain’ and points to it which is not ideal can Dreamhost offer me a panel for each domain?


Basically, you can host as many full or sub-domains as you like under the one plan. Each domain (or sub-domain) will have its own web accessable directory, where you place the site files.

Each domain can also be placed under the control of a different user, so when that user logs in using FTP, they will see only the files relating to their domain.

By default, all domains are configured through the one Web admin panel. However, you can create new panel WebIDs (panel usernames) and give them certain panel privileges.


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if you are planning on reselling the space then you won’t be able to do that… not unless you want your clients to know you are using dreamhost. the control panel is branded dreamhost so if you are charging your clients 20$ a month and giving them all access to the control panel, then they will find out you are paying a lot less when they decide to see what dreamhost is.

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