Domain Hosting Impact


I am trying out the basic 300MB VPS. Does anyone know how domain hosting on DreamHost effects memory usage? I’d like to know what amount of the 300MB will be used up by the domain hosting. My website traffic is low with an average of 3192 hits/192 visits.



It really depends on what your website is running. If it’s all static HTML pages, then the memory usage is negligible. If It’s WordPress with 20 plugins, you’ll run out memory quickly. What are you running?

The traffic numbers you list – is that daily, weekly, or monthly?


Thanks for the quick response. Those are daily averages. In general the website will consist of static HTML pages. There will be a couple PHP scripts that serve up dynamic web pages. These scripts will be performing database queries/updates. No flash/video/or plugins of any kind. I’m just looking for a general idea of what to expect in terms of memory usage, so I can plan accordingly.