Domain Hosting help


I have a website, soon I will
be offering subdomain and domain hosting.

I was wondering when I host a domain name is there a way to give them control to panel for their own use or not. Also I wasn’t too sure on this but are we allowed to “sell” space. Like for when I do domain hosting I will have different packages and I would charge a small fee for them using my space.

I have tried waiting for support but it kept telling me to wait as they where busy but this was a 45min span and I have also tried searching the forums but I haven’t come across anything.

Thanks for your help in advance.


First off you can add users and specify which parts of the control panel they can access. However if you are on their shared services I am pretty sure it is against the policy to do what you are stating.

The part under What’s not allowed in “Unlimited”?:

Here are some specific examples of things not allowed:

* Copyrighted content to which you do not hold usage or distribution rights.
* File upload / sharing / archive / backup / mirroring / distribution sites.
* A site created primarily to drive traffic to another site.
[b]* Making your account resources available (whether for free or pay) to the general public[/b]

Now I take the part in bold to mean that while you can create users for specific people for whatever purpose you can’t use your account so that any average joe would sign up and be allotted part of your resources (which is how reseller accounts work). You can use space for your clients and charge them whatever you want (obviously) but you would be managing their resources and even though your user accounts may manage some things it is still considered ‘you’ as far as DH is concerned and if they did something against the terms of use and acceptable use policies DH would disable your entire account for it.

It would be nice if DH would allow reselling though like some of their competition and let you get 40% maybe and to be able to brand the panel with your own company information with no reference to DH. There has been suggestions for this sort of thing before but apparently not enough votes.

Now I am not sure if there would be the same requirements if you were on a dedicated server (i doubt they would care what you do with your space so long as you aren’t breaking any laws).

You will have to wait to get DH’s official stance on this though.