Domain hosted here Subdomain on Gandi question


A subdomain of my website is hosted on Gandi, they want me to add a CNAME and a TXT record, I added one but Dreamhost doesn’t let me add the other. Subdomain doesn’t propagate. What can I do?


Same thing happens, when you try to add the other Record you get the error: “You already have a CNAME record for this name. You can’t have a CNAME and any other record on the same name.”

I’m blocked on what could the problem be, because tells me everything is pointing to Gandi but when I try the subdomain I get a vhost error.


Where is your registration located? DreamHost or Gandi?


Hello Gandi, my suggest please check your domain in add domain in your panel and also check sub domain. Second need setting in DNS or CF if you use it.

I hope this can helpful :smiley: