Domain Hijackers?

I’ve read here in the forums about the hassles people have had using DreamHost.

I wanted to add my own Caveat:

I wasn’t with these guys for a week when the nasty letters began to fly into my email box. I needed some help, and they got upset that I had questions and then began to insult me with techno geek chatter about how I have no internet capabilities.

Not a week old with these guys and they want to hassle me.

Fine. Release me, please, and let’s move on.
No way.
My Domain name is still under their control.

They refuse to answer e-mails.
They have control of my domain name.


A domain I have owned for years is now in their posession.
I H A T E these guys, and I will do everything I can to discredit this company.

I think you’re only doing a pretty good job of discrediting yourself.

You SAY you’ve only been here a week but…

[quote]A domain I have owned for years is now in their posession.


No its not, how could it be. Just change the IP address to a different server, away from Dreamhost’s, if you, in fact own one. That’s your responsibility.

Get a clue.

They have posession of my domain.

I cannot register it until they release it.
I have had the domain for years.

Now it is in the posession of DreamHost.

DreamHost - Hijacking Domains and wasting Your Time and Money since. . . ?

If he transfered his domain registration to Dreamhost he must wait a minimum of two months before transfering them again. ICANN rules. Until then he can ask DH to point the nameservers to the new webhost…

Anyway, something sounds weird about how he says DH support talked to him. In all of our correspondance they’ve always (as in every single email) been professional with us. They might not have actually had any content in the email, but they were always professional. So I’m thinking this guy is either a spammer, or blows things out of proportion.

Posting some of those “insulting” support responses would probably add weight to your case, but since you “H A T E these guys, and I will do everything I can to discredit this company,” we can’t be sure that you won’t alter the responses. In fact, since you “H A T E these guys, and I will do everything I can to discredit this company,” we can’t be sure that you’re telling the truth in the first place. Just move along.
I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

his nameservers are already pointed to a new server. It’s the two month waiting period…not Dreamhost’s Rules, ICANN’s rules.

I am sure if DH could, they would do it in a heartbeat!

Also, it appears from the whois output that the registrar is tucows:

Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NS2.TERA-BYTE.COM
Name Server: NS1.TERA-BYTE.COM
Name Server: NS3.TERA-BYTE.COM
Status: ACTIVE
Updated Date: 24-mar-2005
Creation Date: 11-apr-2003
Expiration Date: 11-apr-2005

I think DH uses tucows for domain registration. If fatherluke’s email address is correct for his contact information, he shouldn’t have any problems paying for his domain name.

so, you’re saying you’ve been here a week and you spent that time transferring a domain you already owned to Dreamhost? Why? Wouldn’t you want to try out the host first? Or keep your domain registration and hosting separate? Seems like you dug your own hole. Hasty, hasty. Hope you find another host that makes you happy.

Anyway, seem like what you want they cannot give you, DH doesn’t make the ICANN rules.

Not since April 2004 according to this:

Used to use towcows. Recent announcement from Dreamhost:

[quote]A few of you have received an email from informing
you that another domain registrar is requesting to transfer your domain
away from “Tucows”. It then gives you a URL to go to and a confirmation
code to approve or deny this request.

Tucows is where we used to register our domains from, before we were
ICANN-accredited. We’re now in the final process of moving the last
remaining domains we have with them over to our own real registrar

So, if you get this email, you can do one of two things… just ignore it
(in which case it’ll be transferred to us anyway in 5 days), or follow
the instructions to approve the transfer (please don’t deny it… that
could mess up your registration with us!), in which case it’ll transfer

Ah…you are so correct. So, it must have been another host that has hijacked his name.

If he registered with DH one week ago, he’d use DH as the registrar.

I don’t think he registered his name with DH, I think he just moved the nameservers over here.

he claims to have had the domain for “years”

Since April, 2003, at the least.

Supposedly he’s been here with Dreamhost for one week.

Drama fo teh win!

Well, it looks as if FatherLuke is gone…

He must have realized DH doesn’t own his account and they have nothing to do with this at ALL. and his posts were all in vain.

Drama… yeah.

Dreamhost doesn’t have your account…tucows does…

Now that you have finished, I will say that I cannot renew my domain name, which I have held for years, and DreamHost will not acknowledge my e-mails.

For people checking out DreamHost for the first time. . .

Take Note:
This is the level of confusion which you will encounter when asking for technical help.

Be advised.