Domain hijacked?


Hi all; I hate for my first post to be one of trouble, but am trying to find the best method of contact for help recovering a hijacked domain name (and hosting…)

I have a good friend who is going through a very terrible breakup. Unfortunately her ex had access to her email, and was able to create his own account and etc in her dreamhost setup and is essentially holding her domain AND hosting hostage.

It’s a very sensitive situation, as if we change hosting or domain name ownership and he notices there is little doubt that her page will end up defaced or worse.

What’s the best course of action to fix this? Simply removing his username etc from the dreamhost account or contact dreamhost?


Definitely contact Support. Our Security department has dealt with situations like this before, so they should have some sound advice for your friend.


Andrew thanks much for the quick reply… One problem is that these support tickets send emails back to users, I really don’t want to notify him that I’m doing this as I’m concerned about things “getting worse”. Do you happen to know of a way to contact them by phone or direct via email?

Thank you!


You can contact the Abuse/Security department directly at, or through the contact form at As long as you don’t use an email address that’s associated with your account, it won’t show up in your support history.