Domain HELP!

Can I keep my domain name through Dream host without interuptions if I pay the $9.95 but close my Hosting through Dream Host? If so how do I do that?

Thank You!

As DreamHost also functions as a registrar, and you can have an account that is for “registrations only” (does not have a hosting plan associated with it), I believe you can do that (I know others have such an arrangement).

I’m not sure how the Control Panel would handle it if you terminate your “hosting plan” though (it might automagically catch the fact that you have a domain and offer to let you pay for it, or it might not), so I suggest you contact support by submitting a support ticket so there is no chance of it getting “borked”. :wink:

Support should be able to straighten this out for you.


Thank you so much for your fast reply !

The reason I posted here is I can’t figure out how to submitt a support ticket or to just ask Dream host a question? a direct email to them or anything…Arrrrgh frustrated here!

I understand; maybe this will help:

  1. To submit a support ticket, log onto the Control Panel, using your email address (or webID) and password for your DreamHost account, and select the menu options Support -> Contact Support. Work your way through the resultant forms, and you will be given an opportunity to submit your question(s). DreamHost will then respond to you via email.

  2. To contact DreamHost directly (though not as fast or as reliable as using the Control Panel Support system), you can send a message to them via this form.

I hope that helps; good luck!