Domain from one account to another


I’m in control of two accounts. For association reasons I need to move one domain to the other. Both accounts are hosted on separate servers (both of which are dreamhost accounts).

I’m wondering, could I simply ‘delete’ the domain on one, and ‘add’ it to the other account, and expect it to work once I move the content over to the other account?

-Karl Blessing


When I clicked the delete button I noticed this disclaimer.

"Also note… you will not be able to re-add this domain to a different DreamHost account if that account signed up with a promo code or a referrer! "

Why can’t I just move the domain name from one account to the other. I mean why do I have to be penalized just because my employer decided to take advantage of the same benefit that I took advantage of for the 10th anniversary of DH. (I told them about it, and they switched all their domains including some of the same ones I was managing to a dreamhost account after learning of the special I took advantage of on my personal domain)

I just want to take one of the domains, remove it from the company’s account, and add it to my personal account, but wonder why I can’t simply because both myself and the employer created the account using a promo code?

-Karl Blessing


Well, you can contact them directly for a more detailed explanation, but they do this to prevent people from moving their domains from one promo-coded account to another over time - taking advantage of the introductory discount to get cheap hosting forever. This was apparently a big problem until they instituted this “feature”.

And yes, I’m fully aware that this isn’t your intent. All I can suggest is that you contact them through the panel and ask if your situation is an exception to the rule. Maybe it will be since the account you’re moving it from is newer than the one you’re moving it to? I suspect that my idea is just wishful thinking, though.

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Well worth a try.
Basically put, had problems with my past hosting, dropped by dreamhost, noticed there was a 10th anniversary special, I signed up… then I tell my co-worker, he signs up, then I tell my employer he signs up then moves all the domains on our dedicated server over (which included some that I had).

So my account is older than the account that the domain would be moved from. But both accounts used the exact same promotion. Also the domains on both accounts were already in existence just had their nameservers changed so wasn’t obtained with anything dreamhost related.

I’m wondering if I went ahead and pre-paid the bill for next year (ie: the 10th anniversary was first year free then something like 110.10 per year after) that might take it out of the “promo” status.

-Karl Blessing


I’d just write them about it, and see what they say. Rules are rules, but they are not interested in penalizing customers…just self-preservation. :wink:

I know in the past others have resolved the problem by just paying the diff between the promo deal and regular price on one of the domains, but of course, YMMV.