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Just a curious question. At lunarpages where I came from, they had it so that if you added a domain in the “parked” section that it automatically redirected to your main site. So if I parked then it basically pointed to The interesting thing is that when you typed it came up with the domain name in the title and browser address bar, but had the pages of that it showed. When you went to it showed the links that were at the site. I thought this was kind of cool. But I don’t think there is a way for that to work here at Dreamhost? In other words, if I park a domain here it points to a site that says basically waiting for construction. If I do a redirect, then it just goes there and you have the same URL addres as the one you pointed to, and not the url.

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Assumption: is your main domain and it is hosted at “/home/DarthAkSarBen/”.

Experiment: Fully host and set its web directory to “/home/DarthAkSarBen/”.

Most static sites will work fine and the url in the browser will remain

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You’re actually describing three different ways of handling a domain. I suggest you read on up the difference between Parked, Cloaked and Redirected. Whether you knew it or not, you referred to each of these in your post. DreamHost handles each as intended

Parked == Just that, parked with a temporary page

Redirected --> send to a different URL

Cloaked --> serve up the content of another domain.


You said that really, really well … I was trying to figure out how to respond, and you nailed it! :slight_smile:



Oops, I forgot about cloaking.

Now that I’ve had more sleep, I also think the OP should look into the Domain Mirror feature from DreamHost.

Isn’t there some downside to cloaking? I’ve been on too many airplanes lately so I can’t recall offhand… :slight_smile:

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I’ll give cloaking a try. The only thing on this domain was a simple redirect page I created that told visitors that the site was in construction and I would redirect them to in 8 seconds. It was a “home made” redirect html code that I simply renamed as index.htm I could make the text any size and put virtually any message on it I wanted, and even determine how long before the redirect occurred. This gave time for someone to understand that they had typed the right address, but because of the circumstances, there was really not much there for them.

I’ll start another thread about Firefox vs Internet Exploerer watch for that!

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BTW, I dunno if SEO concerns you but I think there are SEO implications to having identical content appear under two different domains.

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The cloak thing works!! give it a try. What you see is my page, but the address bar in the top says and even if you go to the links page, it still stays BTW I have Dreamhost referred there 3 times in the links. HOW about that!?

I’ve already started to really endorse Dreamhost to my relatives and friends. Each day goes by I am just more and more impressed. What integrity!! What service!! What hosting!!! It’s so nice to be with winnners! Have a GREATNUT day… LOL

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hmm… I see this errror:

Domain Cloaking Error
We’re sorry, we had a problem with our web panel when you set up cloaking for your domain!
Please go to the DreamHost Web Panel’s Domain > Web area and click the [Edit] link next to to re-configure cloaking.

Error: no domain

I agree with you about how you feel about DreamHost, especially given that we came from the same web host. I guess there was a bright side to them screwing over their customers. We left for greener pastures. :slight_smile:



i’ll go look at it again. It was working earlier. However, if you look at the Dreamhost status, they were/are having some issues with routers and other hardware today and it was in the “critical” status. It might have affected it.

Yes, I’m glad I’m here at DreamHost. Now my wife needs to find her way around in the panel and understand the nature of this host as opposed to the v-deck of iPowerWeb

At least she got her Gallery set up this evening.

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Now here is a peculiar thing. If you type in you get the error outlined above about cloaking. However, if you type in you go to the first page. Why the difference between that with no www and that with the www in the preface?

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Did you cloak or

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I cloaked it as In the one field I could choose, add www , subtract www or “both” will work. I choose both. Perhaps I need to just choose add the " www " for it to work right as a stand alone, with no www as the subdirectory.

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I’m not totally sure about this, but I think that field is only applicable for fully hosted domains. Did you enter this for or

BTW, I really do think that what you want to do is better served by mirroring rather than cloaking.

Also, I recommend getting rid of the www, but that’s just my personal preference. My real recommendation would be either force it or get rid of it.

If you do want to solve your original problem in the original way, you might have to set up two cloaks, one for and one for This is outside of my experience, though, as I’ve never set up a domain cloak. Hopefully, someone with real experience with domain cloaks will speak up here.

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