Domain Forwarding or Redirect How to Help needed


I have a new domain with Dreamhost, but I can’t start working on my site for another week or two. Until then I would like to promote my domain name and have it go directly to my Etsy shop.
I have looked every where but I couldn’t find clear and concise tutorial. I thought I was clear at one point, but then I read that that may delete my emails. Not sure what to do! Please help, Kim

I copied and pasted the domain manager info in case that helps!

DNS | Visit | WebFTP | FTP | Add IP
11 mons+ left. Fully Hosted with PHP 5.6 (User: balletfeetstretcher)
Edit | Remove Edit (kimsho4)
Remove | Certificates 2 Addresses Restore Delete

To be clear I want to be able to post a link to but have that go directly to

Thanks to everyone in advance for your help! Kim

There quite a number of ways to create a redirect. The simplest is to remove hosting (that does not effect email) and create the re-direct using the dreamhost panel. (I.e. Delete the entry you pasted, and then use the button at the top of the page to put it back, thus time fill however don’t fill out the “fully hosted” section of the form, but scroll down and fill out the redirect section)