Domain forwarding cost



I currently have a couple of domains hosted at DH which used to be our own sites but now they are both forwarding to bandcamp.

I don’t really wan’t to pay $10 a month just for a re-direct so I wondered if there’s a solution to this, or do I just need to move my domains somewhere else that offer this for cheap/free?



You may drop hosting on your account to save the $10/month. Beware if your have dreamhost email set up on the domains, dropping hosting will also drop email.

Assuming dreamhost is the registrar for your domains, after you drop hosting you will still be able to log into the dreamhost panel but there will be a very reduced set of options available to you, basically only allowing DNS or redirect changes.


Thanks for the reply. I’m a bit confused how I go about dropping the hosting but keeping the domains redirected. The web panel has changed quite a bit since I last used it!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Good call. It seems Dreamhost made this confusing. has a link “close account/end all hosting”

I THINK that’s what you want, but you better check with support that the link really just ends hosting (or maybe AndrewF or another Green name person will confirm here). AFAIK, there is no way to actually “close” your dreamhost account. Even if you end all hosting, you will still have an account to manage any domains registered thru dreamhost.


That option looks scary! I think I’ll give support a shout and see what they say. Thanks very much for your help.


I clicked it. I figured there had to be a confirmation page. There is, click and read, this is the option you want. You may or may not need to redirect your domains after the fact. Have that information handy just in case.


Hi, Just wanted to say for anyone else needing to do this, that yes, this was correct. Thanks again for your help.