Domain Expired, so how can I access database?

Hello- I have a database for a blog, but to access the database via phpMyAdmin, I need to access is using a sub domain for an old domain name that I accidentally allowed to expired. How can I now access that database?

Thank you!

You could try to connect to the actual machine (, and not use the expired domain name. Your machine name is listed in your SQL stats:

Also, if all of your databases have been set up recently, they’re all on the same machine, so connecting to is the same as connecting to


the database isn’t recent, so its only under the expired domain.

i went to that link you sent me- the database is on sanspoof so i tried to login to and no luck. what do you think i should do next?

thank you again

How did you try to log in? I generally use command line for database backups, so you might give the following a try after logging into a DreamHost machine via SSH or Telnet:
/usr/bin/mysqldump --all-databases -uDBUSER -p > ~/db.sql

If all else fails, contact support, though it may be several days before you hear back since it’s Christmas weekend. Maybe someone else in the forums has an idea.


You could re-activate the domain?

They need more support help.
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