Domain Entries

Hi All,

I added my domain ( lets call it ) to dreamhost, and the subdomain bar too it. Dreamhost is not actually the authoritative name server for this domain. However, I thought that although the domain won’t resolve for this subdomain I created on dreamhost from the outside, I thought it would resolve on dreamhost’s own servers.

When I query for the subdomain it does resolve, but the dreamhost servers seem to use these cache servers like . Will these cache servers eventually be updated from, or will they always use the true name server that is set up for the domain?

Try a DNS refresh for your domain. I thought that if you set up a domain here, then DreamHost would think it’s the authoritative name server for the domain.

I’d try the ‘host’ command and see which IP addresses get returned for the domain and subdomain here. Then use ‘host’ again for the IP addresses to get a reverse lookup.