Domain/Email only (now) :: Help transfer?

Hi. It may seem silly, but I only registered a domain so I can have a personalized email address. I’d like to switch it over to DreamHost from its current location with a different company, but all the domain hosting transfer information approaches this as though I have a web site I’m transferring.

I know how to transfer the domain’s registration to DreamHost, but can use some help understanding what I need to do in order to scoot the email over here too.

Thank you very much!

Wherever you’ve registered your domain, you need to set the Name Servers to use the DreamHost ones.


Park the domain to get it on the system then setup your email addresses.

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Oh very good! Thank you - sXi and Scott - very much for your assistance. Both notes help me understand things better. I’m off to give it a go…

  • Naun

Shuuucks. You know I did something wrong.
But I have to go to sleep and fix it when I’m not so tired.

Thanks again, y’all.

It’s working!
(at least something is…)


Thanks again.

I am trying to do the same thing as Naun and am a bit lost.

I should follow the instructions here: but what about setting up users so that their emails come to Dreamhost.

If my website is and I have and email accounts setup currently (not at Dreamhost), do I have to set up these same users in the webpanel here at Dreamhost? If so, then when the hosting transfer is completed, will our emails get sent to the dreamhost email servers?