Domain doesn't seem to exist


In my cPanel, the domain exists, the database exists, and wordpress seems to have been installed.

I even received an email from the installer bot saying “wordpress was successfully installed” then instructing me to go to which looks right based on the wordpress package file hierarchy.

Issue is, when I try to navigate to any version of I get my ISP’s ‘page does not exist’ page. Even though I haven’t installed the wordpress options, navigating to SHOULD bring up a page saying I need to install.

So, question is, how do I get my page to exist?

Please help!



If you just registered the domain it may be that DNS has not yet propagated. If that’s the case 12-24 hours should solved the problem.

You use the term cPanel, dreamhost doesn’t use cPanel, did you mean the dreamhost panel?
Did you register the domain thru dreamhost as well as set it up as fully hosted via dreamhost?