Domain does not seem to point to home directory

I am creating a new account on DreamHost. I have the A records for my domain pointing to the correct IP address as of Monday this week.

I do not use www. for this domain and for various reasons, I don’t want www. to be forced. At first this was forced.
Settings in Account: “Add WWW: Make redirect to

This resulted in an error when the domain was pulled up:
This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.
Did you mean
Search Google for example

On Monday I changed this setting in the DreamHost account to:
Remove WWW: “Make redirect to

The account advised it would take 5 to 10 minutes to update (on Monday the 3rd). I checked again today, and the domain is still redirecting to the www.

Any ideas?
It seems the live chat is down today? Does anyone know when it comes up?
EDIT: And it seems to have resolved while trying it on a different computer. There must have been a strange cache issue on the original computer, even after a “hard refresh

Glad you got it worked out. Browsers do tend to cache that www. issue really intensely.

Live chat is off today:

Thanks for the link!