Domain DNS Registration Help


I have a domain that I registered under Namecheap (Here) and I pointed the DNS to the DreamHost Name servers. ( , , The whois info shows up as using the DreamHost DNS, though my site is showing up as not found.

In the DreamHost control panel, It says the site is fully hosted, and everything seems to be set up properly, yet no site…

Have I misconfigured something?

EDIT: I guess it’s also worth noting that it was showing the DreamHost under construction page until I moved the domain to another user in my account.


takes time to propagate. your home router/computer also caches dns settings. you need to wait for them to expire or flush them. try calling up your site in or google translate and use that to check until your home computer can see it.

#3 doesn’t show it either, is this normal?

I’ll wait a couple more days for it to propagate, though, it’s already been ~2 days…


Try going into Manage Domains and click Edit next to the troubled domain. On the following page under Fully Hosted, click on the Change Settings button (no need to alter any settings). That sometimes has the effect of giving things a bit of a kick along.


I gave that a shot as well. No luck yet. I made the changes on friday (3 days ago) and the website still comes up as not found.

if I posted screenshots of my settings, is it possible I misconfigured something?


whois reports DH nameservers, but ping reports:
ping: unknown host
I’d contact Support.


I get similar results as bobocat. Nameservers are DreamHost’s, but the returned IP is not.

Did you manually alter any DNS entries here in Panel ? If not, take bobocat’s advice.

I might add that there was some talk about a payback system of sorts (1 day hosting for every 1 hour down or something - I think bobocat has information regarding that) and if you haven’t altered DNS yourself, then you might be due some free months of hosting for your pain and suffering. Worth a shot.


Thanks, I emailed them, and they said the problem was on their end. The name servers never updated with the proper DNS for my domain.

Is the payback system applicable for a situation like that?

Thanks for all the help!


Considering it was a fault their end, I reckon it would applicable. Hit 'em up for some credit!