Domain DNS or Fully Hosted What's the difference?

I have a domain at another domain provider and I would like to keep it there. In order to install a website on my Dreamhost account using the domain outside of Dreamhost I am asked if I want to Fully Host it on Dreamhost or Point it with the DNS on Dreamhost.

What is the difference between the two? I searched the Forum and the Knowledgebase to no avail.

You need to fully host it. Domain DNS is used for when you registered the domain with Dreamhost but want to host it with another provider. You are the other way around. You have registered the domain some where else but you want it hosted by Dreamhost.

Note though that once you’ve chosen fully hosted and it’s all up and running you will need to change the name server settings at your domain name provider to be:

That’s how the internet knows that your domain is now hosted on Dreamhost’s servers.

If you want ALL of the domain that is Registered elsewhere to be HOSTED at dreamhost then follow the instructions in the post above.

However if you are trying to split the domain up, so that some services are here and some are there, then the process is more complicated and you should post back with more details about what you are trying to do, so we can provide a better answer for your situation.

FYI… After you change the nameservers as directed above, OR make any other change that effects DNS there is a delay before that change takes effect. This is called DNS propagation. Propagation can take anywhere from a few minutes to 3 days, with the avg delay being about 4-8 hours for simple DNS changes, however by nature nameserver changes probably run longer than the average.