Domain deleted and readded again - not working

Hi to all

I have a problem regarding with my domains. I signed up a couple of days ago and i am hosting with dreamhost 2 domains. Now i deleted the 2 domains and readded them again because i wanted every domain to be administered by a different user, in this way it would be easier to track which domain eats up system resources. The problem is since i deleted the domains and readded them again a couple of hours later they are not functioning. Shouldnt the domains work? because they worked without any problem before. There is no DNS to propagade or something like this because the domains already worked before.

Thanks in advance


When juggling domains, I take it slow. It takes time for one change to take effect, then time again for a re-change to take effect.

While it’s too late now, I try to wait 24 hours before re-doing a change to give the first change time to propagate. Re-adding doesn’t mean that DreamHost keeps your old domain info. The webserver also needs time to catch up as it’s hosting virtual domains via its own configuration.

I see two choices: Wait 24 hours to see if your changes happen. If not, delete what you had, then wait another 24 hours before re-adding the domains. Or contact support to see if they can clear things up.