Domain custom nameservers

i have in dreamhost´s panel personal records :

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

all ok for months … but since one or two days …

Listed at the parent NS are: [‘’] [TTL=14400] [‘’] [TTL=14400] [‘’] [TTL=14400]

Why my dns server is pointing to dreamhost if I have personal dns?

When I set these my nameservers for … “Error: We need an IP address for this nameserver.”

I put in dns warning the ip and …

“We could not register the following nameservers. Please contact support for further help:

Why isnt it work?

You have valid vanity nameservers with proper glue records?

all working for months until two days …

now i changed nameservers to other names with the same ip and it work again … but i cant use the others … mystery …

Please send me an email, using the button below this post, with the domain and nameservers you’ve having trouble with. (Or post it on the forum if you’re okay with it being public.) I’ll let you know what’s up.