Domain confusion


I’m new to DreamHost, and I installed WordPress. Right now, goes to my WordPress blog, but plain old just goes to an empty directory. Clearly, I’ve screwed something up. How can I change it so goes to the blog?


You will need to check which user the domain is under. Maybe you accidentally assign a different FTP user to your original domain You can check via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Web Hosting --> Edit. Make sure the files are in the right directory.

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Thanks. I’m not sure what I’m looking for there, though. I don’t see anything that says that I could change.


You will need to click “Show Subdomains”

If the subdomain is working, you should leave it. You should check the one that is not working.

FYI, this is the file structure in DH. If domain1 is under user1, files go to /home/user1/domain1 directory. If you change the FTP usre1 to user2 for domain1, files go to /home/user2/domain1 directory. If it is a new directory and has no file inside, you will see a blank page.

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Thanks. I don’t see “Show Subdomains”, though.

And I’m confused-- the problem I’m having is, I want what currently shows up at to show up at plain old . So it’s all working… I’m just trying to change from the blank page to the WordPress page.


Did you install this as the Easy one-click, or the Advanced? The Easy ones might not show up in your Manage Domains section. This section is also where you have the option to Show Hidden Subdomains, or leave them hidden.

Once you’ve installed/created a site on a subdomain, there’s not much you can do to “rename” it as your main domain, but you can create a Mirror of your current installation:

Under Manage Domains, scroll down to plain old and click Edit in the Web Hosting column. On the new screen, scroll down to Mirrored and use the dropdown menu to have it mirror and then click on the Mirror this Domain Now button.



Hi Scott,

Thanks. I’m not sure whether I installed it as Easy or Advanced… probably Easy.

I scrolled down to Mirrored, and there’s no dropdown menu. Just “You currently have no domains on your account to mirror with this domain!”


Then it must be the Easy. You can set up Cloaked. It’s not as graceful, but it will respond as your main domain.



That worked. Thanks!