Domain Configuration


I know this is stupid…but where do I set up my site so that the file structure is not displayed in the address bar of the browser?

At the present time I get (for example)

What I want is no matter what page I am on. I know there is a setting in the Panel but I just can’t find it.

Thanks - Ben


I’d advise strongly against doing that. Among other things, it makes it impossible for users to link to or bookmark individual pages on your site.

If you must, you can get that effect by setting your main page up as an HTML FRAMESET. However, note that all the pages will still exist at other URLs, and may end up linked to by search engines without the enclosing frame anyway.


Thank you for your time and I certainly see your point. Let’s say I visit a page and then in the browser I manually edit the URL to go to the directory that contains the page that is being displayed. When I do that, I see the contents of that directory. By clicking on a file, it will open. Is this a security threat? Doesn’t it give anyone access to my files?


You can disable directory indexes (the part that lists all the files in a directory) by creating an index.html file, or by disabling them using an .htaccess file (with the directive “Options -Indexes”). Even with that done, though, a user can still view any of those files if they can guess the filename — do not put files in a public web directory unless you intend to allow anyone to access them.


Understood. Thanks for your time and expertise.


I believe that is registered through DreamHost.
I’ve rebuilt the site and will be moving it from Joomla.
How do I get to the domain name management area that allows the name to be directed to the new server? I have the name server infomation as well as the permission of the original administrator of that name.


You would go to

But that only works if you’re logged in as the owner. Right now the domain is pointing to wundersolutions.