Domain Configuration PHP and Apache errors

I’ve managed to setup a user and associate a domain with the account. I’ve moved the necessary files over, but I’m noticing some interesting problems.

From “Manage Domains” in the control panel I selected leave it alone for the question of do I want www in my domain.

This tells me that both Both and will work.

however when i visit i get php errors with apache that tell me I cannot store cookies via session_start(); in the /tmp directory.

No errors are thrown when I visit or

Do I need to create a redirect?

What’s going on here?

Sorry you’re experiencing issues! What I would suggest is contacting our support team through Live Chat or submit a ticket via your panel under "contact support"
Dee J
Dreamhost Staff

Don’t really understand the problem – are there two different domains, with one mirroring the other? Or just one domain name?