Domain clarification?


I just transferred a domain here after signing up for hosting. Does this mean that I cannot register a free domain with the credit given to the new signups? If so, the rules should be clarified a little bit more, because I really wanted to get another domain


You can register a free domain with your plan. When I set up my plan, it let me set up a free domain as well. Then I transferred my other sites to the DreamHost webservers.

Try going into Manage Domains->Registrations and see what happens if you type in a Domain, then Check Availability to register the new domain.



I did exactly what you said, but like before, after setting up the whois and whatnot, it asks how long I want to have the domain, and each option is priced. I picked the one year one, but it went to a credit card page to pay the 9.95 fee


I agree that it’s somewhat confusing. My free domain has an expiration date prior to the expiration date of my renewed plan, so I’m waiting to see what will happen. I hear it’ll auto-renew for free.

In your situation, I don’t know the right way to go about it, so I suggest that you contact support.



Did you transfer this domain to DreamHost as part of the sign-up process?

If so, the registration would have been extended by 12 months. This is the equivalent of registering a new domain price-wise.

If you transfered the domain after sign-up and paid the $9.95 fee for the registration extension, you should indeed have one ‘free’ registration credit remaining.


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A short time before your plan is due for renewal (was about a month for me) you should be given a registration credit. You will know if you have the credit, the renewal cost for existing domains will be shown as $0.00

You can choose not to renew your original ‘free’ domain and instead register a new one with your credit.


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The panel never states anything about automatically renewing, which is kinda annoying if it just goes ahead and does it… So if it does not add a year, I will receive a credit soon before it expires?


Every DreamHost shared hosting plan comes with a ‘free’ domain for the life of the hosting, regardless of whether you register a new domain during sign-up or not. Each year, just before the anniversary date of your plan, you should receive one free registration credit, how you use that credit is totally up to you. You will know if you currently have a credit, as the renewal cost for your domains will be shown as $0.00


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It will do whatever you set it to do at Domains -> Registrations. Under “Renew Later?” you’ll see “yes / let expire / ask.” Whichever one isn’t a link is your current preference, which you can change by clicking one of the links.

I set mine to yes, but I believe the default was ask.

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@ seiler-- thanks for that info
@ raz— So I have to wait until the anniversary date of my signup to get a domain credit? I never got one for signing up


You should have got one when signing-up. Did you transfer a domain as part of the sign-up procedure? and did DreamHost extend that registration by 12 months as part of the transfer?

If the answer to those questions is no, then you should already have one unused domain credit. If you don’t have a credit, I suggest contacting support they might be able to shed some light on the situation.

As for the other part of your question; You should receive another domain credit slightly before your plan anniversary date.


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