Domain changes delayed?

What used to takes minutes or a couple of hours tops seems to be taking overnight and then some. I made some changes to a couple of my subdomains last night and none of the changes have gone active.

I’m waiting 4 hours now for a subdomain and MySQL hostname myself

approaching 33 hours on a support ticket as well

sale must be bogging things down =\


From what I was reading in the newsletter is that they are removing subdomains. There will be no more subdomains but it looks like we can open our very own account free of charge, of course. eyeroll

You’re about as funny as a crotch–Archie Bunker

I don’t think they are removing subdomains. They are just not allowing any new user-defined subdomains of Instead, you have to use

So, what does that mean exactly? Those who currently have sub-domains can keep them, but those of us yet to set-up any are SOL?

You’re about as funny as a crotch–Archie Bunker

The way I interpreted it is that this only affects and not any domains owned by DH customers. So if you already had the subdomain you can keep it, but you cannot create Instead, you have to use

Duh! I’ve reread the whole newsletter. I think next time I should have a sufficient amount of caffeine before trying to read it. :wink:

You’re about as funny as a crotch–Archie Bunker

I haven’t had any problem with my subdomains…they all started working within 5 minutes, and changes I made to them were almost instantaneous (maybe a minute or two to take effect).
MySQL databases are pretty much instantaneous for me.