Domain change

I understand that I can’t change the name of my newly registered domain. I haven’t done anything with it yet, and have changed my mind on what I want the name to be. I know I can register a new domain name, and then have my hosting transferred to it. How do I do that? Just email support or is it more complicated? Thanks for your help. Jer

when you register the new domain name make sure you specify the Dreamhost DNS server addresses.

Go to the panel/Domains/Add Domain and add it.

24-72 hours after doing those 2 things, it’s all good


Thanks. But I’m still confused. Don’t I have to tell DH that I don’t want hosting on the original domain, but only want it on the second? Thanks again. Jer

nah, you can remove the domain by the same panel process I believe, nope, instead of Add Domain, go to Manage and delete it from there

Every plan however has at least 3 domains you can host for free so you may as well leave it in place if you don’t need to remove it so you can add another. You can have it mirror the other if it’d be the same content.

If you’ve just purchased it it’s yours for a year, no need to throw it out unless you’re absolutely sure you’ll never ever use it again, period


But if after the year is up, and you want to renew your DH hosting, but only want the second domain, make sure you have that set so it is the one that is renewed for free.