Domain Available on Netsol but not here?


I’m thinking of registering a domain. On Network Solutions site ( it shows up as being available, but when I use my panel it says it is unavailable. So I popped over to Go Daddy and they also show it as unavailable.

Does this mean I can only register this domain via NetSol? If so, after registering it would I be able to transfer it easily to DH?



You can register the domain in DH. I think probably domain name was taken here before and still cached in they system.

If you are sure the domain is available, I’ll suggest you to contact DH support. Ask them to take a look.

If you can’t wait anymore, you can register in elsewhere and either transfer the domain to DH or just host the domain in DH. There are some articles in wiki. You may want to take a look.

Host domain in DH if it is registered elsewhere.

Transfer domain to DH

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This is because Network Solutions are engaging in a practice known as domain name front running, although they deny this and claim they are actually “protecting” the domains for their customers. Basically, they pre-register any domain that you search for so that you can only buy it off them. They claim they release the domain after 5 days.

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In other words, never deal with NetSol. There’s just no reason to, anyhow. But keep checking back here (or even at GoDaddy) every several hours. Meanwhile, don’t tell anybody the domain name, since if they look it up at NetSol, it’ll start the cycle all over again.



Other registrars do this, too. No?


Netsol would like to have you believe that, and with all the registrars out there, I would not go so far as to say that no other registrar might be doing that, but no reputable registrar does it.

Doing that makes a registrar disreputable, by definition! :wink:



They are only holding the domain name for 5 days right? So, it would technically become available again…just don’t look up at Network Solutions next time : )

I would have thought that they would have stopped doing that by now, after reading all of the negative threads about this fiasco lately.

I personally use godaddy !!!


Why would they stop ? They don’t care about negative publicity (which they have aptly proven in the past as well), and proclaim slimy lies on the practice (“protecting our customers” my ass – I am not your customer, and never will be, you can bet your shiny robotic ass on that).

Until the ICANN changes its rules (and remember, the ICANN moves slower than molasses in January) and makes those frauding bastards pay for this abuse of their registry status, they’ll keep doing it, lying to your face when you ask them about it, and generally being pricks and **** (as well as *******, ******, *********, ***********, and **************), and make a whole lot of sweet moolah off of the whole thing (claiming they are not monetizing on this scam, when clearly they are getting registrations through that at twice the market price).

If you can wait 5 days, wait 5 days, otherwise you just got scammed.

As for other registrars doing it … There were some big brouhahas about this kind of stuff in the past (usually related to “independent” WHOIS lookup services and some shady registrars dealing with them), and rumours that some big bad criminal activity was going on (whois server operators selling their search logs in real time, though that was never proven). Netsol just does it on a much bigger scale.