Domain and Subfolder Hosting


I was wondering if the following scenario is possible:

I can use a subdomain but I’m trying to figure out if I can use a subfolder instead when I don’t have the root domain hosted with DreamHost.


the domain name directly equates to a physical host… so the root and all subdirectories of have to be on the same server…

You would have to do it via a redirect (hosted at e-commerce provider server) to, hosted on DreamHost.

In the DH panel, If your DNS is hosted with DreamHost , add the root domain with “DNS Only” option, which will then allow you to create the subdomain site with full hosting. you can manually add the A records for the root and www entries that are hosted elsewhere. If your DNS is hosted at the other e-commerce provider, just add the A record for to their DNS panel that DH assigns once you create the site.