Domain and Hosting Access

We have our domain registered and website hosted with you guys. This was
Setup by our marketing company. We no longer use them and have no access to the control panel, FTP or domain.

What is the process to obtain this access so we can
Update the site etc.


Our first recommendation is that you contact the individual or organization that set up your account. If you can get in touch with them, that will be the easiest way to gain access to the account.

If this is not possible, please contact DreamHost Support with details and we can see about getting you access to the account, if we can.

How does one get registered for a control panel login?

I’ve already sent a message through the site.

Our hosted site is down and I’m having a difficult time reaching support.

There is no phone number, which is really lame.

You can’t e-mail if you’re not on there ‘approved senders’ list (having a support login might help this).

I’ve e-mailed and did get on someone’s radar, but they’ve stopped responding.

And our site is down…

I had asked a week ago for a solution to the same access problem and nobody answers from Dreamhost. Very disappointing!My company Epstein ltda. stablished 20 years ago in Quito, Ecuador hired a company in 2010 called Generando impacto to do our web design. They hosted our website with,
we need to update our site and our new developers in India haven’t been able to access to your site. The user and passwords originally given to us are not working. The company that originally did it is not existing anymore.
Our Dominio is: we need to access asap so we can update all the code.
Our registration is done by where you can verified our credentials.

Please let me know how to reset our dominio directly with dreamhost or your best advice. Just as I answered to Abe008, you will need to get in contact with whoever set up your account.

The person that set up no longer lives here or has a company. There must be another way to gain access to MY ACCOUNT! I need access to my account asap. i have already sent various messages thorugh your contact form and no one has bothered to contact me back. My company depends HEAVILY on email and frankly cannot function with it. I need someone to contact me asap about my account with your company.

It is inconceivable to me that you do not have a customer service number and department when your website says 24/7 customer support. This is a deal breaker.

labridewellattorney: In your case, it appears that the account hosting your web site may have been set up using a credit card belonging to you. (This is a materially different situation from the users above, in whose cases the account was set up and paid for by someone separate from the user requesting access.)

Please submit a support request at:

with the first and last four digits of your credit card number, and we’ll see about getting you access to your account.