Domain and host transfer


I have a few cuestions. Right now I have a domain and a webpage hosted with Lycos and i want to move it to DM. The domain expires this January and i want to register it with DM. ¿Can i transfer the domain to DM without any problem?¿Or i have to register with DM after it expires in lycos? I’m afraid to lose my domain.

I already have host with DM and in the meanwhile i would like to work in a new webpage using the DM host. I created a domain (not registered) to work with, but i don’t know how to see the page online. ¿Any ideas?

For the last thing, i have another domain registered and webpage hosted in a friend’s DM host and i want to transfer it to my new DM host. I guess i have to get the DB and a backup of the ftp and upload all to the new domain. ¿What about the domain?

Thanks for reading me ^^

You can transfer it to DreamHost now:

Just make sure it’s unlocked, has your real contact info (not anonymized), and you have your authorization code.

Meanwhile, set up your fully hosted domain here and then follow these directions:

If your friend has your domain registered and hosted here, that’s not so easy. I believe it’s possible to transfer the domain registration the usualy way as outlined above. As for your domain content, DH generally prohibits moving hosted content from one account to another due to people setting one up under a promotion and then transferring it away.

You can either continue to run your domain under your friend’s account, or contact DreamHost Support to see if they can transfer it to your account.


Thank you very much Scott ^^

You’re welcome.

You don’t need the domain for setup, just set up your real, and then follow that wiki article.