Domain Aliasing

Does DreamHost support domain aliasing? Also are pop accounts entered as where mydomain would be one of my domain names?

What do you mean by ‘domain aliasing’?

Pop3, IMAP, and SMTP are all referenced as ‘’.

Currently I am with another host. They provide domain aliasing which allows you to have a domain, I’ll call it, and in it I have a another website. This host allows me to point another domain called to the other website for an additional $5. I need to leave this host sometime soon because they use a really old version of Perl (Ver 5.004) and despite many requests they won’t bring it up to a more current version.

We offer free mirroring or redirection for unlimited domains if you have a plan with us.

We also use an old version of Perl, however, if that’s a concern.

I need ver. 5.005 or better. What version do you use here?

it’s 5.005_03, so you should be good to go.

also, see the other recent thead in this forum…