Domain aliases and SERVER_NAME

Hi, I’m thinking about switching to dreamhost to host my personal website. Here is how I currently have them set up:

I have the domains

All of their DNS settings are mostly identical. They all have an A record pointing to my server IP address, which is really just a PC on my network. The server itself (Apache) serves the same DocumentRoot for all the domain names, such that “” and “” goes to the exact same place.

The website itself is CGI-based (a “/index.cgi”), and the CGI behaves slightly different based on which website the user is on. So, has a different navigation bar than does, which has a different navigation bar than, even though all three domains are requesting the exact same file from the exact same place on my server.

The CGI uses the environment variable SERVER_NAME to distinguish which domain you’re viewing the page from.

So, my main question is: does DreamHost support this kind of a system, to where multiple domain names can have the same DocumentRoot?

The second question is: does DreamHost allow the execution of Perl code from outside of the cgi-bin? As I mentioned, my index page is CGI which is served from “/index.cgi” and not from a “/cgi-bin”, so this is important too.

Also, has an MX record pointing to Windows Live Domains, and I have a few members who have e-mail addresses hosted with Hotmail. Will DreamHost allow me to keep the MX record pointing to Hotmail?

If these things will work here, I plan to host my site here. :slight_smile:

I think I know what you’re asking–whether or not you’re able to point domains to the same folder on the server.

With Dreamhost, you’re able to point domains to whatever folder you want. So, in your case they can all point to the same folder, thus rendering the same content.

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Oh and you can change MX records as well.

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…and you can configure to run code generally from wherever you want to. But searching here or the wiki will answer your questions. (note, we’re just customers)