Domain alias (redirect)


Is it possible to have multiple domain aliases (redirection) to one hosted domain on dreamhost? Is it also possible to have email working on redirected domains?

Thank you.

I have multiple domains doing a redirect to a single domain, so, yes, that works.

I also have an e-mail account on one of the redirected domains. So that’s a “yes” also.


That’s great. Can you tell me how to set that up (multiple redirection and mail accounts)? I’ve tried, but only managed to redirect one domain.

Thank you for your answer!

Go to Manage Domains and then Add new Domain/Sub-Domain at the bottom:
The second box is Redirecting domains. Type your newdomain in the Domain to Redirect field, and your olddomain in the Redirect to URL field. Do this with each newdomain you want to point to your olddomain.

Next, go to Manage Email: and click on “Create a new email address.” Type in the username and select your redirecting newdomain from the dropdown menu and use the default settings (“will be delivered,” “deliver to this mailbox”) and “generate a new one” for the Mailbox Login. Then check the rest of the options about quotas and removing excess mail.