Domain access with SSH

I need to change permissions on a few files, and I haven’t done this sort of thing in awhile.

I have created a user with ssh access and I can login to the account. I can’t however seem to see the domain I need to admin. I have looked at threads around here and noticed that whenever someone is told to run an ls command, they have a directory for their domain. However, I get this;

Maildir backup data log logs run soft www

Do I need to set up something else so I can access the domain?

You need to go into the Panel for Users -> Manage Users and edit that domain owner user to give them SSH access.

However, an FTP client should also be able to change permissions on a file or folder. For Transmit on the Mac, if I do a Get Info on the file, it shows me permissions that I can change and apply.


Thanks, I didn’t know I had to use the domain owner.

Also, thanks for the tip on Transmit, I never realized Transmit could set permissions. That would have saved me a lot of time!

Thanks Scott!