Does Uber-Uploader 6.8.2 work on DH?



Are we sure that Uber-Uploader 6.8.2 works on DH? I found lots in the forums about folks using earlier versions of UU. But I get stranger and stranger results the more I try to configure. It seemed like the main script isn’t seeing the css, js, or image files. Shouldn’t a php script look in its own directory by default for these supporting files? Cause the best of my attempts to config the paths, when accessing ubr_file_upload.php with my browser, I just get the file input box, the browse button, the current file box, a black X(not a red X), and the reset button. And that’s with no path to the css and js files. If I try to set the full path to the js and css files, the results go crazy.

I haven’t had anything write to my tmp directory since Friday. Nothing yet into the upload_dir.

Path to the .pl file is currently set as $_INI[‘path_to_upload_script’] = ‘home/accountname/websitepath/cgi-bin/’; A slash before home isn’t necessary, as referencing rlparker at ? Does referring to the home directory as $HOME in these paths resolve correctly by php?