Does this happen often?

So, I registered and stuff, got an ID number and sent a money order out to the proper place with it on it. How long does it take to process? I’ve filed a support ticket and the guy told me I didn’t finish signing up. Told me to go to my panel and click “add plan”…I did this all already and sent in a money order for $120 for an L1 plan. I’ve been waiting about a week and a day now. This happen often?

(I think a few people who can probably help you better than I can are all asleep)

If you have time to browse or search the forums, I think you’ll find a few cases where customers have had severe difficulties getting their accounts active. When I’ve read these, I often get the impression (though it’s hard to tell) that the customer has slipped up but assumes DH is at fault and doesn’t check their own input.

So I would go to the panel and check all the details very thoroughly.

Also give more detailed information here so it’s ready when someone knowledgeable arrives to help you. For instance, what, if anything, has been processes, and what hasn’t? Does the panel say the account is pending approval? Does it show your domain(s)? etc

Could be that there’s actually no problem. Credit card payments are (usually) instant, but with a money order you can have postal and other delays. If your payment hasn’t been processed, a support person in too much hurry might look up the details, see that setup isn’t complete, and misinterpret the cause.


Yeah, you’re right. I’m kind of running through everything. Here’s what it all says:

On the left side of the screen under “Account Information” it says - This account is currently pending approval.

When I go to Billing - Manage Account, it says “Anthony’s Account” (pending).

No domains because I have no plans. No plans because it sends me to the sign up page which I already completed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not expert, but that looks to me as if it’s probably just waiting on payment processing.

If I’m wrong, you’ll hopefully get a response from someone who knows the system better than I do.

Unless someone does suggest other things to check, my thought would be to allow a little more time for payment to clear (how long would depend on normal mail times between your and DH’s locations) but definitely file another support ticket if it’s dragging on.


Heh, well I’ve sent from New York to California. So that may be one reason. Thanks in advance. Maybe others can weight in with their opinions.

Also - will it just say “approved” or whatever once the payment goes through?

It’s 2years since I signed up so I’m not sure even where the “pending approval” shows. Presumably that will disappear. There might be no other obvious change, but hopefully on the overview page, if you click on account status at top right, there’ll be some more relevant stuff, notably the details of your hosting plan.


Mm under hosting plan it says - Special… (Registration or Dedicated!)

? :stuck_out_tongue: