Does The GD Library available on DH?

Dear everybody,

I mean that all is in the subject…
Does The GD Library available on DH account ? for PHP ? Perl ?
Because I want to install a graphical visitor counter (PHP) for my website…

Thanks for all the answers ;p

My best information is that the GD library is available for PHP in the CGI version. That is, your files named file_name.pcgi can call the GD library.

However, now and for the forseeable future, the only graphic format supported is PNG.

I was advised to use PNG or to use Image Magick for JPEGs.

–David B.

That’s right. We do hope to get jpg and gif support working at some point down the road.

And since I’ve bequeathed management of builds/packages to Will you can badger him about it!

Thanks, darling.

Now if I can just find someone else to pawn this off on…

Is this ever likely to get supported? (JPG)