Does streaming work for anyone?


Streaming seems to be dead. There’s a post about it in the multimedia area, but I think this is more of a troubleshooting question, so I’m posting someting about it here too. Anybody using QTSS streaming with DH who can verify if things are working? I mean with the basic RTSP URLs?


More info … my web domain resolves to but my streaming domain resolves to Another streaming domain I have resolves to the same IP. So this tells me the streaming is done from one or a very few servers. And there’s some kind of process that replicates files from my subdomain folder I access through FTP or SSH to the streaming server. Could be that process is dead, and files are not geting to the straming server. Just a shot in the dark here.


I just checked mine and it seams to be not working. Why don’t you submit a support ticket and let them know. If mine does not work in the next day or two, I’ll do the same.


a stray process was not releasing the port. resolved.


Thank you very much … Glad to see this wasn’t something I was doing wrong.