Does Railgun Count Towards an Account's Memory Use?

Okay, so I’ve noticed the recently added Railgun feature, and think my site may benefit from it.

However, the feature requires a program running on or near the origin server, and I’m wondering who is actually responsible for that program; is it a general Dreamhost feature running on separate machines, or does it run within a user’s account, and thus count towards their hardware resource usage (CPU and memory)?

Also, has anyone tried comparing it to using GZIP compression on a site? My site currently GZIPs everything it sends, which I presume I’d need to turn off in order to use Railgun (or at least should since compressing between my server and the Railgun program seems redundant). If the Railgun program is just a service within Dreamhost’s data centres then it could benefit sites that can disable GZIP, but if it runs within our hosting account then I’m uncertain how much of a benefit it would really give in practice as while it could be better than GZIP (since compression is shared between visitors), it’s not clear what the resource requirements are.

Railgun appear to be a cloudlfare offering:

I know, but it requires the host offering it to run a program on their end that CloudFlare will communicate with, what I’m unsure of is who takes up the burden of running that program; i.e - whether Dreamhost’s Railgun client is added to hosts that enable Railgun (and thus adds to their resource usage), or if it runs on its own server(s) within Dreamhost’s data centre.

The Railgun daemon runs on its own server in each DreamHost data center.

[quote=“Andrew_F, post:4, topic:59589”]
The Railgun daemon runs on its own server in each DreamHost data center.[/quote]
Thanks for the response!

In that case can you confirm whether I should disable GZIP compression on any site(s) that I enable Railgun for? It sounds like Railgun uses custom compression, so presumably GZIP compression wouldn’t do anything besides compress data from my virtual host to the Railgun daemon, so is it better to just turn GZIP off, since it will only add processing overhead for both my site and the Railgun daemon?

I haven’t done any detailed analysis, but it’s probably a wash. Compression takes a tiny bit of extra time, but it does also mean that traffic from your web server to the Railgun server will be compressed, and thus will be transferred more quickly. The difference either way is probably very slight, though; it’s probably not worth changing either way.

as a general rule, any5hing that has a check box and that you dont have to mess with in the shell is not on your ‘device’‘server’‘responsibilty’ etc

That’s really not true at all, even as a general rule.