Does my site seem slow?

I’ve noticed that my site still takes a number of seconds to process when loading the page. Sometimes it takes over 10 seconds, sometimes (not often, though) it only takes 2 or 3 seconds. Could it be running Joomla just makes the site react that slowly? It’s not a very high volume site, so I know it’s not because it’s being inundated with hits :stuck_out_tongue:

If some people could just test it out and let me know how responsive it is, I’d appreciate it.


Lol, apparently I forgot to include the actual link, thinking that EVERYBODY knows me personally.

My empty Joomla site has always been pretty quick, loading in under 5 seconds from hitting Enter.

I did an ESP test on your site and it gave me a blank page. Maybe because you didn’t give us the URL.


Seems okay, considering all of the huge images.

It will load faster if you specify width & height in all of the image tags. Better yet, resize & compress them into smaller versions, then make them links to the full-size version for people that want to view them (and still use width & height tags).

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Initial response was about normal, less than 5 seconds, but waiting for the site to load takes a while. Your page contains more than a meg of data (1.2Mb, or so), which is pretty excessive.

I use to get some basic analysis of my sites from time to time.


Loaded pretty fast for me. Maybe it’s your connection.

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