Does my hosting/ domain renew automatically?



My domain name which i got free with dreamhost is due to expire next month. Do i need to renew it? do i need to renew the hosting? how do i do these things? i clicked on renew domain and it wanted $9.95 from me, but it says it’s free with hosting. i don’t get it lol

Also, i just registered a new domain. Can i now set up a new wordpress site with this domain and have it hosted with my current dreamhost account?



You get one free domain renewal a year. Maybe you used it whne you added the new domain?

Anyway if you go to manage domains in the panel… if the dropdown shows a price of $0.00 to renew for 1 year then you have a free renewal available to use, if it show’s 1 year = $9.95 then you don’t


I just checked on your account, and it looks as though you’ve done something a little bit odd — you registered a new domain earlier today, and that domain ended up being your “free registration” for this year. As a result, you will need to pay to renew your existing domain.

As far as the new domain goes, yes — you should be able to install WordPress in the One-Click Installs section of the Panel.


Thank you both. I have most definitely done something a LOT odd - i can no longer see either of my websites! sigh

Will struggle on a bit then come back to figuring this out.

Thanks for the help