Does mediawiki comes with latex?

Ok, so i need to create this wiki in wich i will throw quite a lot of math formulas.

If i use the 1 click installer, will that feature be bundled?

If it doesn’t… is it possible to make it work on a mediawiki instaltion on a shared hosting account? how?

If it exists, you can add it to an Advanced One-Click installation (NOT on the “Easy” One-Click installation).

I didn’t understand your reply. What do you mean ‘if it exists’? It certainly does, I am just wondering if it’s supported by dreamhost since it requires third party libraries AFAIK.

Neither one click mediawiki install comes with any extensions. But you will need to use the advanced one click in order to be able to customize it.

Then see:

That’s not quite correct. The Easy One-Click MediaWiki install comes with several extensions enabled (including ParserFunctions and Cite), as well as the LaTeX addon.

The Advanced One-Click MediaWiki install doesn’t come with any of this, though. You’ll need to add/enable extensions yourself.

Ah, my confusion makes since now considering I never preform any easy one click installs because they cannot be modified. Why are the extensions not included in the advanced install as well?

There isn’t any way to add extensions to MediaWiki until there’s a configuration file in place. Since Advanced One-Click Installs don’t have a configuration file until they’ve already been set up, there’s not any particularly good way for us to install the extensions.

alright, so the answer is yes. Thank you andrew.